Mounts in various colors, sizes and grades
Bind mounts into your creative concept of framing. Due to the various colors and sizes, they can be perfectly matched to the picture and the frame. A mat is a paper or cardboerd framing for artwork, photography and painting. Mounts can be used to judge the viewing at the artwork or a piece of art fit into a frame. In the picture frame they emphasize the quality of the image and give it a unique effect. with a mount, a spatial connection between the framework and environment to be created. They serve to protct the work of art before evaporation from the wood frame. Our mats are 1,4 mm thick, pH-neutral, acid free cardboard (carton Crescent brand) manufactured and buffered with calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate (CaCO3) binds acids may be present in the air. These pollutants reach thus the work of art and not just in a smaller concentration. The cutout is provided with a bevel cut of 45 °. With several layers of cardboard in different sizes, you can also produce a depth effect.
please note that the inner cut-out must be slightly smaller than the image. To avoid that the image falls through the cut or the ground is visible. we recommend that the photo / sheet size subtract about 1 cm. Upon request, we will cut any desired Passpartout, rightly in special shapes by CNC.

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