The digital picture frame as a gift One of the most popular gifts is the digital picture frame. There you are in a variety of sizes and colors. Whereas previously a picture frame always could play only a photo, digital photo frame can play hundreds of photo's. All frames are now a color display and a remote control. There are picture frames made ??of plastic or wood with the right frame. The digital photo frame can be used without a computer. It is usually sufficient to a memory card on which images are saved. The size of the images on the disk you need not pay attention. The photo frame is calculated always the right size to best display the image on the display. Many of today's photo frame can also play video's and MP3 music. This is very useful when the electronic picture frame for business uses. Here you can easily present the viewer an image film or corporate video. Special Features and Extras Numerous special functions for each digital frame is relatively standard. For example, there is a slide show with multiple transition effects or a built-in clock with alarm. Many frames have a calendar that can be represented as photo calendars with your favorite image. It makes sense also has a built-in timer is where the picture frame to the programmed times independently on and off. Combined with an auto-start function can let play as videos or photos automatically.

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