Picture hanging Kit 109,359 Yards, with slide in hanger, white, 100 Meter

Picture hanging Kit 109,359 Yards, with slide in hanger, white, 100 Meter

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Item-No. GA100-VA
H Model GA100-VA
Delivery Time 2-3 Tage
picture rails-SET in white with the following content:
- material: Aluminium
- Color: white (RAL 9016)
>- 66 gallery rails each 1,64042 Yards (1,5 m)
- 1 gallery rail each 1,09361 Yards (1 m)
- 150 mounting clips with 3 fold-slot
-150 dowel 0,2 x 0.98 inches (5 x 25 mm)
- 150 screws 0.14 x 1,57 inches (3.5 x 40 mm
- 50 end caps white
- 66 rail connectors
- 150 adjustable hooks zinc diecast
- 150 slide 0.2 x 0.31 inches (5 x

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100 Meter gallery rail set with the following accessories

66 Stk.

1 Stk.

Picture rail á. 1.5 meters

Picture rail á.1  á.1

The material The gallery railways are going out solid aluminum. White is the RAL
color tone 9016 and silver is the anodized EV1E6.


150 Stk.

mounting clips
150 Stk. dowels and screws

Die Montage

Die Befestigungsclipse werden in beliebiger Höhe in Waage an der Wand mit Schrauben befestigt. Worauf dann die Bilderschienen eingeclipst werden.


50 Stk.
30 Stk. rail connectors


Gallery rails are used wherever images, mirrors,
maps, to be suspended; whether in private, business
or public areas.

 150 Stk. verstellbare Haken      
150 Stk. screw skid

Flexible hanging of pictures or posters. No damage to the walls by drilling.
You can change your pictures at any time. The set can be extended at any time


150 Stk. Perlon a 1,5 Meter
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Additional Information

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